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2020 Annual Dinner                                                                        
John Pace
2020 Golf Tournament (with Rotary Club)
Robert Schuetze

2020 Pancake Breakfast                                                               

2019-20 Dictionary Project                                                          
Jay Jacobs

2019-20 Football Contest                                                                   
Thad McCormack 

2020 Law Enforcement Appreciation                                      
Ricky Rich

2020 Star Student and Teacher                                                 
John Pace   

2020 Art and Talent Showcase                                                   
Kelly Lee, Gladys Wyant, Joy Griffin     

2019-2020 Service Leadership Programs / Key Clubs              
Helen Henderson                     

2019-20 Membership Recruitment                                          
Jeff Boggan

2019-20 Sunshine Reports                                                           
Sam Couvillon, Joy Griffin

2019-20 New Member Induction & Orientation                       
Jeff Boggan

2019-20 Membership Badge                                                      
Kris Jorgenson, Jeff Boggan